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Word of the Day for Sunday, 23 September 2018


[pol-ee-kroh-mat-ik, -kruh-]


1.having or exhibiting a variety of colors.


... the degreening of leaves is a widely appreciated natural phenomenon, especially in autumn, when the foliage of deciduous trees turns into polychromatic beauty.

-- S. Hörtensteiner and P. Matile, "How Leaves Turn Yellow: Catabolism of Chlorophyll," Plant Cell Death Processes, 2004


English polychromatic is a borrowing from French polychromatique, which comes from Greek polychrmatos “many-colored, variegated” and the suffix -ique, from the Greek suffix -ikos or the Latin suffix -icus. Polychromatic is used mostly, but not exclusively, in the physical sciences, e.g., hematology, physics, and formerly in chemistry. Polychromatic entered English in the 19th century.

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Last updated: 23/09/2018

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