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Top 10 Paid to Click Websites

These are completely our opinion. However, these 10 PTC sites are used and recommended by millions worldwide. Most have been around for years. To join a PTC site, simply click the banner and register

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WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


How to get a FREE "Top 10 PTC" page ?

Apply here for your free PTC Page

-Provide at least 5 different Paid to Click or Traffic Exchange Referral links in the rank you think is best.
-Do NOT provide the same website twice.
-If you only trust a few PTC sites, we will make a "Top 5 PTC" and up to a "Top 10 PTC"
(You referral link can be found in "banners", "Referral Tools" or "Promotional tools" page at most PTC sites at the top of the page)
After approving the information provided, I will send you a confirmation email with the estimated time frame your page will be done. It can be up to 2 days. It will depend on how busy we are)
When we are done making your page, we will send you a final email with the link to your new page.
(If you lose the link, just send us an email)
Promote the link you received on Paid to Click websites and Traffic Exchange websites.
(This will result in Direct Referrals to the sites listed on your Free "Top 10 PTC" page)

Tip:  For CHEAP, HIGH-QUALITY advertising, advertise your link on Grid game on PTC Sites.

Important Information

- The page is free because we will display Advertisements on your page.
- When promoting your page, DO NOT spam your referral link anywhere.
- Do not post your link in forums, unless it is your signature.
- Do not send unwanted emails with your link.
- The page is given because we want to help new and even experience members of the PTC Industry by giving them a chance to get Direct Referrals.
- The best place to advertise your link will be on PTC websites and Traffic Exchange websites.
- The more hits per day to your link will result in more direct referrals to your 10 PTC sites no matter what rank the site is at.
- If you want to delete your page, you will need to contact us with the email you used.
- If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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