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Code of Conduct

Mingle Roo Social Network takes the privacy and respect of our members and associated parties very seriously. By using this site and attending memberís events you are agreeing to the code set out here. This agreement between you and Mingle Roo Social Network has been put into place to protect you, our staff and other associated parties.


We may modify or amend these terns from time to time. If you do not agree to this code please email us at contact@mingleroo.com and we will deactivate your membership immediately.


1.      You will show respect and courtesy to all members, staff and associated partners.

2.      You will reframe from posting any offensive or crude materials on the site, such racial, religious, political, personal, movies, photos, hatred or discriminative materials of any nature.

3.      You will not annoy or participate in any annoying behaviour towards and member, staff or associated partners in any way.

4.      You will not promote, or post any unauthorised materials on the site without prior permission.

5.      You will post any promotional offers, business opportunities or barter on the website.

6.      You will not collect members, staffs or associated partnerís personal information to self-benefit in any way.

7.      You cannot use this site to promote, solicit or harass any member.

8.      You will willingly impersonate any member, staff or associated in member or potentials in any way.

9.      You will not plagiaries any material written by staff, members or associate partners.

10.   You will not collect memberís emails for unsolicited emails such as spam.

11.   You will not willing post false or misleading information on the website to elicit or provoke members, staff or associated partners.


Failure to comply with this code may result in deactivation and cancellation of membership immediately. This code has been put in place to protect all parties involved.

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Last updated: 3 June 2023

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