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1) Click the orange ads daily (server time) so that you earn from your referral clicks on the next day.

You will see a message at the top of the PTC ads page if you didn't click the orange (or the other types of ads that are required for referral earnings) ads for today. The best thing to do is click the orange ads daily but only click them after you see the message that says you didn't click them.

2) Use mini jobs in order to start renting referrals faster. Check the mini jobs section often.

The mini jobs are very important, especially if you don't want to invest from your own pocket in order to grow your account faster.

3) Make sure that you use your AdPrize chances. You can win cash prizes, Neo Points or even a golden membership!

4) Don't let your AdPrize chances expire.

With each PTC ad that you click you also get 3 AdPrize chances. You got 90 minutes to use each chance or it will expire.

5) Can't get direct referrals? Rent referrals!

Make sure that you watch your referrals activity and manage them properly. Some of them may click very good while others may not. You can recycle referrals that click less than what you expect.
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